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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Community

Looking for a home for these cats
We're moving to England, and as part of the move, we need to find a home for our two cats: Fluffy and Pei-Pei. We could get them shot and chipped, but quie apart from the expense, the thought of them being tossed in the hold of a plane for hours, and destroyed at the other end if their chips don't work, is heartbreaking.

Fluffy and Pei-Pei are sisters, seven years old, and have lived with us their whole lives. Fluffy is like a cuddy toy of a cat, and is sweet, affectionate, and very cute indeed. Pei-Pei is smarter, funnier, and more adventurous, but also has a sweet side that she turns on if she really likes you. We want if at all possible to find a home for both of them together. They have both been spayed and do not have fleas. They were given immunizations in 2006, and have tested negative for FIV and leukemia. They've been indoor cats their whole lives, and are well trained in using litter boxes. They could be outdoor cats (and are fascinated with going outdoors) with a little adjustment.

We just want to make sure that they're well looked after by someone who would love them, so if you have a home you could give to two of the sweetest cats you will ever meet, please let us know by replying here or emailing me at irennie@gmail.com

Charlotte Mecklenburg Libraries Closing
The Kiss

Branches closing are: Beatties Ford, Belmont, Cornelius, Hickory Grove, Myers Park, Morrison, Scaleybark, Sugar Creek, CheckItOutlet, Carmel, Independence & Mint Hill

This includes a new branch and two Regional branches. People on Twitter and Facebook are currently trying to assist with a donation drive to help the libraries make up some of the funding shortage for the financial year ending June 2010. If you can help, know someone who can help or are just willing to spread the word, your support would be hugely appreciated.

Donate: http://www.cmlibrary.org/support

ETA: According to CML twitter the board will allow donations to offset salary and Charles Brown (director) will be on Charlotte Talks tomorrow on WFAE to answer questions.

Notorious Retro Thursdays kick off this THURSDAY at Closet
Max Headroom

We're back, baby! :)

The retro Thursdays you know and love are back at Closet, Charlotte's newest progressive dance club!

Located on the corner of Elizabeth and Charlottetowne (former home to Eden and Sky, and in front of Cuisine Malaya), the area has plenty of parking....contrary to popular belief!  Not only are there 70 spaces around the club, the newly renovated Elizabeth area has parking on any number of sidestreets as well.  There are also scads of restaurants (Nothing but Noodles, 1900 Mexican Grill, SK Net Cafe, etc) and is super convenient to both downtown and Central for those who like to do a little party hopping!

As always, the event is 18 and up, a minimal cover (with secret passwords to get in free before 11....stay tuned!), and playing the new wave, alternative and dark classics you love.  We even have our beloved  Jarrett behind the mezzanine bar.  DJ TinTin will be joining us in February, and I already have special events planned, including the return of the amazing Boston-based DJ addambombb on 2/18.

So yeah, the old gang is back together (we're not calling the night "Notorious" for nothin'!), in a shwanky new location, and we're going to get crazy with the cheeze-whiz and kick out the jams!

(no subject)
Fishing For Hope

I have some things for sale locally (Matthews area):

50 inch DLP, 1080p TV,
PS3 with 3 controllers (2 of which are dual shock.)
Harmond/Kardon hs100 5.1 Surround Sound System

The full listings can be found here:



RetroActive Reunion at the Breakfast Club this WEDNESDAY
Glamorous Life -- NOT

We're getting the "band" back together for a great reunion party, so come on out this WEDNESDAY for the best of 80s new wave, darkwave and alternative music, with drink specials and I'm even bringing out the construction paper and crayons for another year of hand turkeys!

DJ TinTin is opening, and Phil and Monica will be behind the bar. See you there!

UNCC Sci-Fi/Fantasy Guild Game Day
Hi all The UNCC Sci-Fi/Fantasy Guilds semesterly Guild Game Day is this Saturday October 24th from 12pm to 6pm in the After Hours comons area on the second floor of the Cone Building on the campus o UNCC. We've got a ton of stuff on tap including but not limited to:

Fighting Game Tournament: Our own Josh Connors will be hosting an X-Box 360 Fighthing Game Tournament with Street Fighter 4, Mortal Kombay VS DCU, and Dead or Alive 4. Prize support will be available.

Empire Games: Those loveable mooks from Empire Games will be on hand to show off their hit game I Drank What. Come meet the creators of this great game.

Table Top RPGs: Several of the Guilds finest GMs both current and past come together to demonstrate their creative genius.

Board/Card Games: Random nerdery with Guild favorites such as Red Dragon Inn, Settlers of Catan, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Munchkin, and more! Come and play at your leisure.

Door Prizes: A ton of FREE door prizes will be handed out. We're not raffling and we're not auctioning this year we're giving the stuff away for free cause we love our members! Door Prizes will include games, passes to cons, and t-shirts!

E-mail me at bburton12280@yahoo.com or just comment here for more info.



cries of blood

Some of the sickest underground music by our resident DJs Harlequin and Prototype_9. We are bringing you the darker side of sound with the most groundbreaking music from Industrial/Goth culture. Come dance with us, party with us, or just chill.

Cheap drink specials.
Free parking.
Right across the street from UNCC campus.

$5 (18+) Vaild Id required

Hey y'all.
Live in the area and want new friends (real and LJ). My userinfo tells you most of what there is to know about. Anything else, you can ask! I'm friendly, I swear.

Butterbean Arts Market
Solntse :)
Hey folks, my name's Phil, I'm a local artist and printmaker, and I wanted to let you know about an arts market that's going on tomorrow morning. It's called the Butterbean Arts Market and is held an an organic farmers market in North Charlotte (Huntersville, technically, but it's actually not that far out. Directions can be found by following that link!)

So come on out and support local artists. As a screenprinter, I like to make my own business cards (new batch pictured here!), which I like to give out for freeeee :) So come on out, grab some grub and meet some artsy folk!